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Technical Tidbits 9/13: Numbers Never Lie

Georgia Tech’s defensive statistics don’t reflect too well on Ted Roof.

Jacksonville State v Georgia Tech

SB Nation’s Bill Connelly posted a statistical analysis of Georgia Tech through the Jackets’ first two games with advanced metrics and a look ahead to the rest of the season.

Most of the offensive numbers were pretty good. The defensive numbers, however, were quite the opposite. You can look at the stats for yourself, but way too many of Tech’s defensive rankings have three digits.

Connelly’s projections give Georgia Tech a 26% chance to finish with six wins, followed by a 22% chance for seven wins and a 20% chance the Jackets end the season with just five wins.

Georgia Tech confirmed it will keep its football schedule at 11 games following the cancellation of its game in Orlando against UCF.

Tech could have tried to schedule a game during its bye week on Oct. 7, but Paul Johnson would rather use that extra time to prepare for the following week’s game against Miami. Both Miami and Georgia Tech were scheduled to have byes on Oct. 7 before playing on Oct. 12, but due to the effects of Hurricane Irma, Miami’s game against Florida State was rescheduled for Oct. 7 and Miami will host Tech on Oct. 14.