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Technical Tidbits 8/4: Actual football edition!


NCAA Football: TaxSlayer Bowl-Kentucky vs Georgia Tech
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, let’s go into this thing with unbridled optimism. Paul Johnson “sees similarity with the 2014 team”, according to Ken Sugiura, and since that’s one of the two best Georgia Tech teams of the modern era, sure, let’s just assume everything is going to turn out like that season did and set those expectations sky high now.

This is Paul Johnson’s look of reassurance. Which, strangely, is also the face he makes right before taking a hammer to someone’s kneecaps.

He does have a point - like 2014, Tech enters the season with a new starting quarterback surrounded by experience - but, you know, something about that’s why you play the game and stuff.

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! We all remember Matthew Jordan, right? Tall kid, beat a top 15 team like it was nothing, is a role model to type 1 diabetics everywhere? And then we all remember how he suffered an injury in spring practice? Well, that injury’s ancient history now. He seems to have undergone the John Cena path to recovery, as Paul Johnson remarked he was several weeks ahead of schedule on getting back to 100%. Let’s just hope the similarities to Cena end there, because the last thing any of us want to see is Jordan jobbing to some Georgia Bulldog (fan) at SummerSlam.

One man enters, one man leaves. Good news, everyone! After getting waived by the New Orleans Saints last Saturday, greatest quarterback in history Justin Thomas signed a contract with the Los Angeles Rams yesterday. The bad news there is, well, it’s the Rams. The other bad news is former dwagkiller Zach Laskey was cut to make room for Thomas. Cruel irony, thy name is NFL football. Hopefully both can find a happy ending, but, this being the NFL, it’s best not to expect anything happy here.

Less than one month until Georgia beer is set free!