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Technical Tidbits 8/31: Week 1 Kicks Off

Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Worldwide Leader says the ACC has the most to lose this weekend

With the league’s usual aggressive scheduling, the first 2 weeks of the 2017 season features several huge out of conference games for ACC teams. After the league solidified itself as the best in football last season, the opening weekends will test the status heading into 2017.

“Just last season, the ACC went 10-4 against the SEC and 17-9 against Power 5 opponents, both tops in the country. Dabo Swinney and Jimbo Fisher had a right to say the ACC was the best conference in 2016. But this is a new season with new teams and new games, and a new opportunity to impress upon college football viewers how far this league has come.”

In addition to the big openers in Atlanta this weekend, UNC plays Cal, NC State plays USCe, Louisville plays Perdue, and Virginia Tech plays West Virginia. There will be no shortage of conference mates to cheer for in their out of conference games.

The Yellow Jackets practiced in Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Tuesday
All four teams debuting in the new stadium were offered the chance to practice in it leading up to this weekend. Tennessee will have a walk-thru on Sunday instead of a full practice.

“Green said that ‘you really have to dial it in’ to track kickoffs because the ball can get lost in the halo-shaped video board, which is 58 feet tall and 1,100 feet around.”

Even just getting used to the turf and surroundings ahead of time can do nothing but benefit the Yellow Jackets. With this game being the only game on Monday night, the nation’s eyes will be on the game. While the Yellow Jackets are certainly used to high-pressure games, having one to open the season with a new QB, in a sold-out NFL spaceship, against an SEC opponent will certainly result in some pregame jitters. Anything the team can do to ease those and gain some comfort in the new environment will certainly be beneficial.

Georgia Tech officially announces home-and-home with Temple

After a largely Division II slate of games to open Week 0.5 last weekend, the season feels like it officially kicks off tonight with Ohio State vs. Team Chaos Indiana. Happy college football season, everyone. Go Jackets!