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Technical Tidbits 8/3: Tennessee Tears are Delicious

Georgia Tech News & Links 8/3

Tennessee v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Tennessee loses 2 of their top targets to a “lesser program.”

Recent Georgia Tech commits Justice Dingle and Jaylon King were both at the top of the Volunteer’s prospect list. They lost them both to the Yellow Jackets in just a matter of days. This certainly adds some salt to the Labor Day opener between the 2 teams. The extremely-homer blog that ran the article doesn’t understand why a recruit would choose the “lesser program” at Tech over their beloved Tennessee.

... No YOU spent an entire day arguing with them on twitter about it. Certainly not me. I didn’t really have feelings about the Volunteers going into this match like I do other teams on our schedule this fall, but I can learn to hate reallllll quick... And I’m learning.

All-name-team commit Justice Dingle thinks Tech is a perfect fit for him

The aforementioned commit loved his visit this weekend so much that he committed on Monday, immediately following it. He says it’s a perfect mix of academics and football, and he talked about how the coaches showed him his academic path at the school to pursue his degree in computer science

“They showed me the path I would take in that major and what my day would be like during the season and during the rest of the year. I like what they told me and I feel like it is a perfect plan for me on the academic side.”

Perhaps the aforementioned Tennessee blog would do well to remember that there’s more to life and a recruit’s future than football. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing Dingle in the white and gold and wish him the best in his studies.

Josh Pastner’s recruiting trips sound insane

This is a 2-part feature that the AJC is doing on the extremely zealous Yellow Jacket head basketball coach. The AJC rode around with Pastner on a recruiting trip to Las Vegas. It’s an illuminating piece that also features him almost getting in a wreck trying to text a recruit while driving.

One of my favorite parts of the story is the very end. It’s very apparent that Pastner is self-aware of both himself and the program he represents by the following excerpt:

“He stood behind one of the baskets, maximizing visibility of his dark-blue Georgia Tech t-shirt.

‘We win a national championship, I can sit down,’ he said later. ‘They’d know I was there. Finishing 11th in the ACC doesn’t do that. Roy Williams can sit, because everyone knows who he is.’”