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Georgia Tech Releases Official Depth Chart

We finally have a depth chart, and a whole lot more questions!

NCAA Football: ACC Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve been waiting for quite a while, but we finally have an official depth chart for the 2017 season. And with that, I feel like there’s a whole lot of questions that arise out of this.


The first thing that you’ll notice here is that Paul Johnson has still not named a starting quarterback. In fact, he’s done the complete opposite. This isn’t totally unexpected, so we should probably understand the fact that we’re going to have to wait until Monday for a starting QB. Also, don’t think anything about the order there; their arranged by year, and then alphabetically.

News broke yesterday that KirVonte Benson would get the first opportunity to replace Dedrick Mills at B-back to open the season, so that’s no surprise. What’s more surprising to me is that Quaide Weimerskirch got the second string nod over Jerry Howard, who has received high praise so far this year.

I just want to touch on this at A-back real quick. I’m pretty sure the only reason Clinton Lynch is not listed as a starter is because he’s been dealing with injuries during camp.

There’s nothing too surprising at wide receiver, but it’s really nice, though worrisome, to see some freshmen in the two-deep along the offensive line.


At defensive end, I do have to say I’m a little surprised that there isn’t an “OR” with Anree Saint-Amour and Antonio Simmons. Those two are probably our best pass rushers, though, so they’ll both see plenty of time.

At linebacker, no surprise to see Vic Alexander get the starting job. What is interesting is to see the number of true freshmen in the two-deep: TD Roof and Bruce Jordan-Swilling (at MLB).

The secondary looks pretty much exactly like I thought it would, which was kind of a given with the returning experience we have. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to see freshman Jaytlin Askew in the two-deep. That could be fun to watch this year.

Special Teams

The only real thing of note here is that the competition between Brenton King and Shawn Davis has not been decided yet. Ultimately, I think King will end up with the majority of the kicks for one reason (in my mind): you don’t give a kicker a scholarship if you aren’t going to play him.

What do you think of the depth chart? Anything stand out to you?