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Technical Tidbits 08/27: FOOOOTBALLLL!!!!!

Yellow Jackets one week away from Opener, Pastner Hosts Big Recruits

You know what I did this weekend? I watched college football. Ok, so they weren’t the best games, but I did find Colorado State-Oregon State pretty entertaining and Hawaii-UMass did go down to the wire. It didn’t really matter to me though, it was football. That means one week until Georgia Tech opens up its season against Tennessee on Labor Day.

AJC’s Season Preview

There’s some good stuff in here. They look at the key players on offense and defense (Kenny Cooper and Keshun Freeman) as well as breakout players and potential impact freshmen. They talk quite a bit about Desmond Branch as one of the breakout players and I think that is spot on. If our defense is going to be good, the defensive line has to be solid and that starts with replacing Pat Gamble. Desmond Branch can do that. They also include a game by game preview. I definitely recommend a read.

In related news they have a quick interview with former Tech QB Tom Luginbill about some Tech related things and some general CFB things. Nothing groundbreaking, but he does predict 8 to 9 wins because he’s not so concerned with either quarterback or B-Back.

Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Releases Hype Video

Are you hype for this game? I’m definitely hype for this game. I spent way too much money to fly in for the weekend and I’m going to spend too much money to watch this game, but that can’t stop me from being excited. I’m excited to tailgate, I’m excited to see who’s playing quarterback, I’m excited to watch Clinton Lynch gash somebody’s defense, and I’m excited to watch our secondary make some plays. Let’s do this.

Georgia Tech Hosts Two Big Time Basketball Recruits

This weekend Georgia Tech hosted the #56 recruit Mike Devoe (guard) and the big prize #12 Nassir Little (SF), both from Florida. Tech has been in the pack for big time recruits since Pastner got here, but has yet to actually land one. That could change with Little who Pastner has been recruiting for years, before Little blew up and became a top rated recruit. His other potential schools are Duke, North Carolina, Miami, and Arizona. He would be a major step forward for this program.

Devoe would be another nice pickup for Pastner. His competition is a little weaker with Wake Forest, Ohio State, Florida, USC, and Indiana still in the mix. I haven’t heard too much on this front, but the fact that he took an OV with us is a good sign.

The Yellow Jackets have 2 scholarships remaining for 2018.

Yellow Jackets Volleyball Loses Two Openers Before Taking Down #17 Michigan State

Georgia Tech’s volleyball season had a rough start with losses to Auburn and Furman. In their third game this weekend however, things took a big turn. GT had a massive 3-1 win against the 17th-ranked Spartans. This is the third highest-ranked team that Georgia Tech has ever beaten and the highest since beating #17 Florida State in 2009. They followed up that huge win with a 3-0 win against North Dakota yesterday. Hopefully, these last two games are the real Yellow Jackets and not the first two.