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Technical Tidbits 8/21: What now at B-Back?

Tennessee Injury and B-Back News

Johnson Talks About B-Back Options In Wake of Mills Dismissal

Who’s going to start the opening game behind the quarterback? KirVonte Benson is the favorite here assuming he gets back on the field soon. Johnson seems pretty happy with either Quaide Weimerskirch or Jerry Howard as the backup at the position. Jordan Ponchez-Mason is still a possibility although he had just moved to A-back a couple of weeks ago. Combined this group has 1 career carry which was a fumble. I’m alright with Benson at B-Back and Jerry Howard has gotten some CPJ praise, but he is just a true freshman.

Tennessee Receiver Josh Smith Is Out For Opener

The Volunteers senior has spent much of his career on the sidelines due to health problems and it looks like 2017 is going to be much the same. He is missing 4-8 weeks with a broken collarbone. He wasn’t expected to be a star for this team, but missing him for the first game is going to hurt a little as Tennessee is pretty short on experience out wide.

Miscellaneous News and Notes

The focus right now for many fans are the position battles at BB and QB, but those aren’t the only ones. Behind Brant Mitchell and Victor Alexander the play time is wide open. We could see Jakob Brashear or Tyler Cooksey if CPJ wants more experience while Bruce Jordan-Swilling and Jaquan Henderson are two freshmen that could see some playtime. I really don’t know how this is going to shake out.

The other position battle that hasn’t had much play is at kicker. Walk-on Shawn Davis and freshman Brenton King are battling it out. Both players are getting a lot of work in practice.

Paul Johnson turned 60 yesterday.