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Technical Tidbits 8/18: Who’s that quarterback?, the football opener is big time, Mr. Money in the Eubanks

Can you sense the football on the horizon?

Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech
Lawrence Austin: the newest member of Titus Worldwide. URAH URAH URAH!
Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

He knew long before you even thought to ask. We still don’t really know who’s going to be named the starting quarterback for Georgia Tech’s game against Tennessee, but Paul Johnson sure does. He says he’s known for a while.

“I could tell you, but it’s more fun to watch you all tie yourself into mental knots trying to figure it out.”
Brant Sanderlin, AJC

He hasn’t told anyone, including the players, Kelly Quinlan, or even yours truly. Dude ain’t having any leaks whatsoever. Hopefully this works out for Tech the same way it did last year against Virginia Tech, and not, say, how it turned out for Charlie Weis that one time.

We’re bad, we’re nationwide. There are a lot of big college football games being played on opening weekend, because, well, it’s opening weekend and that’s what happens. And amongst all the ninety-two games being played on opening weekend (not counting the five the weekend before that, henceforth referred to as week zero), Jason Kirk thinks Tech-Tennessee is the fifth biggest game of the weekend. And he doesn’t even like Georgia Tech! My feelings on this game are already known; let’s keep this hype train going.

He’s cashing in! Oh my goodness! He’s cashing in right now! Tennis wunderkind and kick-ass master Christopher Eubanks has had a busy summer, as readers of the Tidbits would know. Now he’s ending the summer with a real capper - a wild card entry into the main draw of the U.S. Open Championships. Dude’s big time, and he’s still an active Jacket - the first ever to make the tournament while still enrolled at Tech. The draws have not yet been announced, but hey, there’s always a chance Eubanks gets a crack at top-seeded Rafael Nadal. Make yourself famous, kid.

I hope everyone remembered to wear their comfortable shoes last night.