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Technical Tidbits 8/11: The Day of Fans is Upon Us

Football is back in two - TWO - weeks!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I totally don’t have this set to post every year. Those of you who have been following Georgia Tech football for a while now (which..... I’m guessing is almost all of you) will be shocked to find out Paul Johnson isn’t particularly pleased with the way Thursday’s practice went.

His “how was practice?” face is timeless and has never changed, as evidenced by this picture from his time at Navy.

Johnson felt pretty similarly about Wednesday’s practice, so, you know. This has been pretty standard for him since he came to Tech, and will continue to be until the heat death of the universe, which he will still be alive for, and likely beyond. There is nothing to be concerned about at this juncture; please go about your business.

Evolution is a mystery/full of change that no one sees. When it comes to returning experience, one would be forgiven for feeling the defensive line is a bit wanting. There is potential to be found, however, in players who saw the field last year as well as some new faces on the Flats. Look, just do better than eight sacks in the first nine games of the season and that’ll be enough to satisfy most of us, okay?

Fan Day Funday. Fan Day is tomorrow! There will be football players! Posters! Trophies! Paul Johnson pretending to care about whatever it is you brought for him to sign! Marvel at the Georgia Tech grounds crew’s ability to convert Bobby Dodd back from soccer to football so quickly! Enjoy the festivities if you plan on going, and try to make it better attended than Georgia’s Fan Day.

I’m a homeowner now. Georgia Tech and I are neighbors. Hope that’s okay with you, Tech.