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Technical Tidbits 7/7: A bunch of smart cookies and A Huge Dog

It’s July and content is light.

The 2016-17 ACC Honor Roll was unveiled yesterday, and in addition to including a record high 184 athletes from Georgia Tech, three made the list for the fifth time: swimming & diving's Samantha Kase, baseball's Jonathan King and football's Isiah Willis. Teegan Van Gunst was also named scholar of the year in volleyball. It is worth noting Tech just barely edged out Miami and Wake Forest for fewest appearances on the list (the Canes and Deacons tied at 181). Tech only fields 15 varsity teams to, say, Duke’s 27, so keep that in mind; and UNC was third with 385 athletes recognized.... so keep that in mind.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t following esteemed SB Nation contributor Jon Bois and his epic paean to the future of football.... well, I don’t know if I am, or if anyone really is, because I don’t know if it can be followed in the classical sense of the word. But it exists, and (for now) continues to grow and evolve. It is something that can be felt with your eyes but strives to know your soul. Let it get to know you. Become its friend. Grow and evolve together.

brb, going to Nashville