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Technical Tidbits 7/28: Still got that Money in the Eubanks Briefcase


Pictured: Chris Eubanks, moments after his first victory and moments before first going Super Saiyan

He can cash in at any time! Ya man Chris Eubanks isn’t done just because the NCAA tennis season is over. He just went down and notched his first ever ATP victory. And he did it right here, in Atlanta, Georgia!

Bang bang!

Eubanks entered the BB&T Atlanta Open as a wild card and defeated fellow wild carder Taylor Fritz in straight sets. (He’s kinda good at this thing, ya know?) He’ll face Real Actual Professional Ryan Harrison tomorrow at 3:20. It’s not on TV, but it’s over in Atlantic Station, so if you need your tennis fix, go ahead and start your weekend early.

We call them ‘croots because it’s weird to say grown men follow high schoolers this much. Football got a recruiting double tap with the commitments of OG Mike Maye from Hoover, AL, and DB Jaylon King from Nashville. That brings the class up to 11, which means we can stop panicking about the class size now, right? At least for a little bit?

See you in some other stadium. Atlanta United - you have heard of them, right? Soccer team, wildly popular, leads the league in attendance? Anyway, they play their final game at Bobby Dodd Stadium tomorrow afternoon, and our SB Nation cousins over at Dirty South Soccer feel it’s been more than a fine host for our humble soccer team’s opening chapter. For those of you who never got to see a United game at the Dodd, it was a trip; speaking personally, once the initial shock of watching a different team in different colors playing a different sport than I’m used to seeing there wore off, it was one of the coolest sports experiences of my life. If you had a chance to witness it and missed out, I hope it haunts you forever.

*guitar riff* FOUR! *guitar riff* WEEKS! *guitar riff* TILL FOOTBALL!