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Technical Tidbits 7/17: Atlanta Is Georgia Tech’s City

Media Day Coverage, from the absurd to the informative

NCAA Football: ACC Kickoff Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech Outselling Tennessee For Opener

Yes, people. You heard that right. Georgia Tech sold out its original 30,000 seat allotment, received 5,000 more seats and sold those out too. Tennessee has requested a few thousand more than their allotted 25,000 tickets, although they have not sold out the original allotment yet. Among those buying on Stubhub, 58% are from Georgia and 21% are from Tennessee, so that may also favor GT. Let’s hope everyone wears gold to let people know this is our city.

In other news for this game, the official artwork was released. I think its alright, nothing special, but it still looks pretty cool.

As the season is approaching, I am getting more and more hyped for this opening game. I had resigned myself to watching this one on TV, but now I am strongly considering flying in for Labor Day weekend in large part to watch the Jackets play.

Here Is the Interview With Paul Johnson, Ricky Jeune, and Keshun Freeman

Jeune and Freeman were pretty reserved with the media, remaining professional, but not adding too much insight. CPJ was a little looser and let out some good tidbits. I recommend reading it. Cade covered some comments that CPJ has made at the ACC Media Days, especially those relating to the quarterback competition. CPJ has been very positive on this team’s quarterbacks giving praise to all of them. He re-stated that it’s Matthew Jordan’s job to lose, but that all four quarterbacks are capable of playing today. He called Jay Jones and Lucas Johnson the most talented quarterbacks he has ever had. Remember, CPJ coached Justin Thomas and Josh Nesbitt.

Of course the ACC media days have their fair share of silliness. Here is Paul Johnson singing some country. Here he is giving Jenga a go. Here is an analysis of the suits worn by each of the ACC head coaches (CPJ falls middle of the pack in their rankings). I’m sure there were many more shenanigans that you can read about if you search for it.


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