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Technical Tidbits 7/14: Parker Braun Strowman, media days for days, why we still hate DRad


This guy is our new OL anchor. Really.

BRAUUUUUUUN!!!!! Offensive Lineman Parker Braun has been named to the official watch list for the 2017 Outland Trophy, which honors the nation’s best lineman. It probably helps that he’s 6’8”, 385 lbs., and ragdolls other large human beings like they were nothing. Er, wait, that’s WWE wrestler Braun Strowman. But Braun (the offensive lineman) makes the list as a sophomore - one of just five on the list - after starting eight games last year as a true freshman. The fact he’s barely just started playing and is likely already one of the best linemen in the nation is immensely impressive, and bad news for defenses who breathed a sigh of relief after Shaq Mason graduated.

The best, the best, the best, the best, the best, the (repeat ad infinitium). The 2017 ACC media days commenced yesterday in Charlotte, and the Atlantic coaches deigned to make one thing clear on day one: look at us, we’re the captains now. As transient and ever changing as college football is, it was true last season, with the ACC notching a 9-6 regular season record against the other P5 conferences and a 9-3 bowl record, and thus remains true until proven otherwise. The era of accepting the SEC is simply the best regardless of any evidence to the contrary is over. What happened ten years ago, or five years ago, or two years ago does not matter. We are living in the now.

Anyway, the Coastal division coaches will speak today. Keep your eyes here for updates; Paul Johnson is scheduled to speak at 1:36. Yes, everything is a minute behind. I don’t know why.

Please continue not showing your face around these here parts. Good news, everyone: as of today, Georgia Tech is no long on NCAA probation! Actually, it was a week ago today. Just quietly slipped off with no one noticing. Okay, Ken noticed, but did anyone else? Anyway, this is just a friendly reminder Tech was only ever put on probation in the first place thanks to former athletic director Dan Radakovich, and had its probation extended thanks to an understaffed and/or incompetent compliance office, which also occurred under Radakovich’s watch. (DRad is also responsible for the whole apparel thing, but that’s another issue.) As for additional commentary on that, I’ll let you take it away, commenters.

Paul Johnson’s dropping some serious bars at media days today, y’all. Watch out.