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Technical Tidbits 7/13: Bad Football Teams Everywhere

Georgia Tech News & Links 7/13

NCAA Football - Georgia Tech vs Georgia - November 25, 2006 Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

The times they are a changing: Paul Finebaum says the ACC is the best conference

"If you're trying to hit a moving target on this date and say, 'Is the SEC the best league right now?', the answer is no," SEC Network analyst and talk show host Paul Finebaum said Tuesday at media days. "I think it's probably the ACC. It's marginal and you can come back and say, 'Yeah but... Results matter, and the SEC has lost two times in the last four years to the ACC."

The ACC also went 10-4 against the SEC last season, along with going 8-3 in bowl games compared to the SEC’s 3-7 post season record.

You may also remember that Georgia Tech certainly contributed to that record by going 3-0 against the SEC last season. In short, the SEC was far from the best conference last season, though their losses do “just mean more.”

Speaking of bad football...

Calvin Johnson admits that playing for The Lions contributed to his retirement

In a candid interview, Johnson admitted that playing for a team not likely to contend for the Super Bowl contributed to him leaving the NFL early. The toll an NFL season takes on the human body is under increasing scrutiny, and the long term risks out-weighed the rewards for Johnson playing for the Lions.

He has also adamantly stated that he would not be returning to football after retirement since the Lions refused to let him out of his contract, and he would be forced back into playing for them.

Matthew Jordan equates playing QB at Georgia Tech to supply chain management

There’s too many good quotes from that article to leave them all here, but if there were any doubts in your mind that Jordan fits in as Tech’s QB, they will surely be erased after reading this:

“My father’s business and football. Football, it’s making strategic decisions of getting the football from whatever yard line to the goal line. That’s what supply chain is – moving from a commodity, which is a good, to the consumer, which is a touchdown.”

Jordan is on pace to complete his Master’s Degree at the same time his football eligibility runs out.

And then to finish, here’s a video of Calvin Johnson to remind you of what the Lions ran out of the league: