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Technical Tidbits 6/30: Peak offseason, baseball!

The year is half over! But beating Kentucky still feels like yesterday.

....but what if they fought?

We all are affected by the college football offseason. Some, more than others. I’d argue no group is more adversely affected than the college football subreddit, who are forced to come up with increasingly bizarre and inane questions, hypotheses, and scenarios to pass the long summer months. But every now and then they strike gold, with one Redditor proposing the question of who would win in a fight between a given school’s football and basketball coaches. Personally, as much as I love both Paul Johnson and Josh Pastner, I’m pretty sure CPJ would have CJP tapping out to the figure four leglock before Pastner even knew what was going on. (Feel free to post your opinions below - it doesn’t even have to be for Georgia Tech. Or an actual fight. Who’d win in a Pastner vs. Johnson rap battle?)

Many Georgia Tech fans will be more than happy to tell you Tech’s biggest natural advantage is the educational opportunities it provides you, and I have a theory that the likelihood of a Tech fan telling you this within thirty seconds of conversation is directly correlated with their age. (I’m looking to have it published, possibly as early as next year, so keep an eye out.) To that end, Danny Hall’s Diamond Jackets are taking full advantage, as four were named to the All-ACC Academic team, the second year in a row the Jackets have had so many honorees. Debuting on the list is Micah Carpenter and the freshly graduated Coleman Poje, with Trevor Craport repeating his appearance from last year and Kel Johnson having now gone three-for-three. When these dudes aren’t covering their heads with baseball caps, they’re wearing thinking caps instead. Congratulations, gentlemen!

Just think: when it’s tomorrow, we’ll have college football next month!