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Technical Tidbits 6/28: Let’s Eat!

Some Players have been getting GAINZ this offseason

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not sure exactly when the update happened, but it appears that some of the player weights on the roster have been updated. Unfortunately no incoming freshmen had their weights updated, but a few returning player weights caught my eye, especially in the trenches. Brandon Adams is down to 329 lbs, 20 lbs lighter than this point last year. If he can get under 325 by the end of camp he’ll be a force. It appears, however, that he lost all that weight because his fellow teammates on the DL were stealing his lunch. Other updates that caught my eye:

  • Kyle Cerge Henderson - 298
  • Brentavious Glanton - 293
  • Chris Martin - 289
  • Antonio Simmons - 246

Cerge-Henderson has certainly beefed up, and will now certainly stay at the 1-Tech position with Brandon Adams. Martin was someone who caught my eye having a solid spring game, and Glanton has gotten big as well. The 3-Tech position may get interesting during camp. Simmons looks poised for an explosive final year.

On the other side of the ball there were also a few standouts. Unfortunately Shamire Devine was listed at 380. Given the fact that he lost his snaps to Will Bryan at the end of the year, this doesn’t bode well for his playing time this year. Other Offensive players:

  • Jahaziel Lee - 277
  • Scott Morgan - 290
  • Brad Morgan - 288
  • Jake Stickler - 291

The OL depth appears to be at least physically ready to play this year. It will be interesting to see how the rotations unfold with a huge incoming class at OL.


  • Dedrick Mills - 227


Mark Teixeira hasn’t decided to take an leisurely retirement. He’s been hard at work investing in revitalizing Atlanta, and someday hopes to get into baseball management, specifically being involved in a team’s front office. Hopefully he won’t ship off promising young prospects for any players with only 2 years left on their contract.

Hey look! You can now buy ticket packages to Georgia Tech games this year for as low as $125. You can’t get a ticket to the Tennessee game this way, those are only available through season tickets and the secondary market. Seeing as you have a moral obligation to go to the kickoff this year, you should get on that. I just bought my season tickets, and I live 1000 miles from Atlanta. What’s your excuse?

Oh, and Josh Okogie will wear #9 for the USA U19 Basketball team. He posted a list of other players who wore that number and.....oh


Oh my

Okogie = Lebron James CONFIRMED