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100 Days to Kickoff: The Case for Taquon Marshall at QB

Marshall, the converted A-Back, was the Jackets #1 QB this spring after Matthew Jordan went down with an injury.

NCAA Football: Mercer at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Josh told you why Matthew Jordan should be the #1 QB on the depth chart this fall. Today, I’m going to tell you why Taquon Marshall should get the nod to replace Justin Thomas over Jordan, as well as Jay Jones and Lucas Johnson, who are all in a tight race for QB.

Marshall, who came in to the flats as an A-Back, did not put up huge numbers in his freshman season, but showed many flashes of athleticism that had Tech fans thinking that his future on the flats was bright. Marshall actually played quarterback in high school and prior to his sophomore season, he made the switch from A-back to quarterback. After making the switch, he was the story of the spring, generating electrifying plays one after another. Although he was unable to supplant three year captain Justin Thomas, Taquon spent all last season gaining reps at the new position and learning the offense from one of Tech’s all time great quarterbacks. With another year under his belt, Marshall has set himself up perfectly to take over the reigns as the leader of the offense.

In order to really see why Marshall will be the starter on opening day, one must look no further than the trust Paul Johnson put in him when Matthew Jordan went down with an injury this spring. Even if Jordan is able to return for the start of the season (which is expected), missing the entire spring and maybe some of the summer surely had to have set him back. With more experience than either of the younger quarterbacks, Jordan is really the only guy in Marshall’s way and his injury this spring has cleared the path for Taquon to be the clear #1 guy.

Being the #1 quarterback this spring has allowed Marshall to develop a strong relationship with the rest of the starting line, something that Jordan unfortunately missed out on due to his injury. When the Jackets take the field on Labor Day, that will ultimately be the difference that leads to Taquon Marshall leading the Yellow Jackets out of the tunnel.

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