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100 Days to Kickoff: Newbies to Watch for - LB Bruce Jordan-Swilling

Paul Johnson’s highest rated recruit has an opportunity to make an impact as a freshman

Saints V Chiefs

Days to Kickoff: 76

As our 100 Days to Kickoff series rolls on, this week we’ll be taking a look at players you haven’t seen before, but will want to know about going into the 2017 season. All of these players come into the season with little to no experience at the college level, but tons of potential to make an impact on the field this fall for the Yellow Jackets.

LB Bruce Jordan-Swilling | Freshman | 6-1, 209 lbs. | New Orleans, LA

I did not have much hope that Bruce Jordan-Swilling would come to Georgia Tech. Yes, he is the son of Tech legend Pat Swilling, but Georgia Tech was going up against some powerhouses in his recruitment. I thought for sure thatAlabama, USC or LSU would be able to entice him. When his brother, Tre Swilling, announced his commitment to Tech and Bruce didn’t I was sure he was going somewhere else. But, lo and behold he decided to become a Yellow Jacket. He is the highest rated recruit that Paul Johnson has ever brought to the Flats. And if you haven’t read the story of his childhood and joining the Swilling family, go ahead and read about it. It really is a great story.

While Jordan-Swilling was heavily recruited as both a running back and a linebacker, he will likely line up on the defensive side of the ball for the Yellow Jackets. At linebacker there already seems to be a somewhat set starting lineup with Brant Mitchell in the middle, Victor Alexander and Terrell Lewis/David Curry on the outside. This will make it hard for the true freshman to crack the starting lineup. However, behind these four are players whose careers have been quiet so far giving BJS some room to get some playing time off the bench.

Jordan-Swilling is incredibly athletic which is evident from the heavy recruitment of him on both sides of the ball. With Ted Roof’s relatively simple defensive scheme this gives opportunity for less experienced, but more athletic players like Bruce to see the field early and often. From his highlights he looks great on getting off of blocks and pursuing the ball carrier, which is a huge need for a Tech team that has struggled against the run for years. Being able to beat a blocker can be especially important in the nickel scheme that Georgia Tech runs so often. His highlights don’t show much of him in coverage which could be the big area he needs to improve before he sees the field. Tech has often gotten gouged by tight ends because our linebackers and safeties have struggled in coverage. He certainly has the athleticism, football IQ, and work ethic to become a game changing linebacker for this Yellow Jacket team. He may not be a world beater his freshman season, but he certainly could get thrown into the fire this year.