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Technical Tidbits 6/2: Paul Johnson, overachiever; CJ 4 CFB HoF

It’s June, any little thing is newsworthy

NCAA Football: Duke at Georgia Tech
Paul Johnson, after being asked if high rankings will quiet his detractors
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Over at Football Study Hall, SB Nation resident stats meganerd Bill Connelly put a bunch of numbers inside a locked room and had them fight to the death. History is written by the victors and numbers don’t lie, and in addition to these numbers spelling disaster for Samoa Joe at Sacrifice, they also peg Paul Johnson pretty high on the list of college football’s overachievers. Number 1? None other than Johnson’s protege, Ken Niumatalolo. It’s a nice reminder that Johnson is actually a pretty good coach! Can you imagine what things would be like with an okay coach at the helm? We’d have to invent a new term to describe it. Worse than Gailaise.

Next year’s College Football Hall of Fame ballot has been released, and there are not one, but two former Yellow Jackets on the list. The first is Calvin Johnson, for whom they should just skip the voting process and go straight to building a gold statue. The other is linebacker Marco Coleman, who helped bulldoze a lot of people on the way to winning a championship in 1990, and whose further exploits should be regaled to you by someone who had actually developed object permanence by that time (i.e. not me).

Don’t worry, y’all. College football is only three months away! That’s just a quarter of a year!