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Technical Tidbits 6/16: Louisville’s in troooooubleeeee

Time to break into your rainy day bourbon, Cardinal fans

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Michigan vs Louisville
We have this image of Rick Pitino here for no particular reason
Thomas Joseph-USA TODAY Sports

What’s the easiest way to inject excitement into the offseason? Sanctions! Ol’ Rick Pitino let things get a little beaucoup cuckoo with his basketball program a few years back, and those sex chickens are finally coming home to roost. That’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever written. Forget I wrote that. Anyway, sanctions. The list of punishments the Cardinal face includes, well, a lot, but among the most notable are: a five game suspension for Pitino, four years probation (starting yesterday), and the vacation of all wins the program earned from December 2010 to July 2014. That’s a lot of wins, and it includes the 2013 national championship the Cardinals won in Atlanta. Naturally, Louisville is appealing the penalties. We are also closely monitoring Joey’s status.

I don’t follow the MLB draft, because it goes for 40 rounds, most draftees spend years in the minor leagues before getting the call up to the top flight, and, frankly, baseball isn’t really my thing. But I know it is for a lot of you! And a lot of you will be delighted to hear a trio of Jackets were selected in this year’s draft: junior utility player Trevor Craport was selected in the 11th round by the Baltimore Orioles, while senior pitcher Zac Ryan was picked up in the 23rd by the Anaheim Angels, and outfielder Ryan Puerifoy was taken in the 38th by the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Only ten weeks until football seasons starts, you guys. I’m totally fine. Totally.