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Technical Tidbits 5/25: Walker Finally Decides

Georgia Tech New and Links 5/25

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Georgia Tech vs Pittsburgh Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Tech Basketball Target M.J. Walker Commits to FSU

The Jonesboro target committed to Florida State yesterday morning. Walker was one of Pastner’s top recruits, but the 5* guard never even took an official visit to campus.

Obviously it’s a bummer that he didn’t become a Yellow Jacket. However, for Georgia Tech to be a finalist for a 5* recruit after the last decade and a half of basketball product that the school has produced speaks volumes about the work Coach Pastner and his staff are doing. Yellow Jacket basketball is certainly on the upswing, and it won’t be long before the Wreck starts landing some of these commits.

... Getting rid of Russell in the next year will help as well.

The EDSBS Charity Bowl is in Full Swing

and Georgia Tech is in second place behind Michigan. If you aren’t familiar with this event, we encourage you to go check it out and donate in the name of Georgia Tech. The donations go to a wonderful refugee resettlement charity right here in Clarkston, Georgia. I gave $28.27 the other day... for reasons... and will probably look at making another donation along the lines of $22.16 in Lance Austin’s honor.

Or you could be like the pair of helluva engineers yesterday who pointed the Old Gold Money Cannon at this event and donated over $2k between them. THWG.

Michigan wins this event every year, and it would be for a good cause for us to unseat them this time around.


Atlanta’s New Mercedes Benz Stadium On Schedule for Opening Weekend

For you engineering types, this article goes through some of the details of what’s left and the sheer magnititude of the structure. The last piece of steel was put in place earlier this month, and despite rumors to the contrary, the construction company insists that it will be fully functional for the Falcons’ preseason games at the end of August. You may also be aware that there’s a couple of college football games held in the stadium shortly after on Labor Day Weekend.