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Technical Tidbits 5/12: ACC football to decline in 2017?; Tech on the right track; baseball!

I have already exhausted my list of track & field jokes for the year.


Elsewhere on this here sports blog network, BUUUUUUUUUD posits a mass exodus of offensive talent minus the same on defense will lead the ACC to shift to a more defense-heavy league, looking a lot like.... the SEC. Ugh, couldn’t we look like a good conference instead? Anyway, expect none of that change to apply to Georgia Tech whatsoever. In Bizarroland, the Yellow Jackets have a stout defense and Muschampian offense. But we live over here, in the real world, where Tech scores lots of points, so I’m not worried.

The Running (and Jumping, and Throwing, and.... you get the idea) Jackets welcome the rest of the ACC to Atlanta this weekend as they host the conference Track & Field championships this weekend. Tech has previously hosted in 2008, 1997, and 1987, so if you miss it, you’ll likely have to wait another decade before it comes around again. Events begin at 11 a.m. today and tomorrow and will go all day, with coverage on the ACC Network starting at 6 and 5:30 p.m, respectively; events on Sunday begin at 2 p.m. with coverage starting at 5. The full schedule of events is available here for those who can’t miss a second of the 3k steeplechase.

After finishing on the wrong end of a season sweep vs. a not good Georgia team, Danny Hall is hoping this weekend helps us all forget as he and the Diamond Jackets head to Durham for a series against Duke. A late schedule change has moved the start of the series up to 4 p.m., with Tech’s Xzavion Curry set to take the mound against Duke’s Mitch Stallings; game 2 is tomorrow at 1 with Keyton Gibson set to face Ryan Day; and the finale will be at the same time on Sunday featuring Jake Lee vs. Adam Laskey. All three games will be available to watch on the ACC Network and for listening on WREK.

I’m off to Louisiana for a Catholic wedding, do not call or @ me.