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Georgia Tech Football: Pat Gamble Participates in /r/NFL_Draft AMA

A few highlights from the Q&A session

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Boston College Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Monday, former Georgia Tech DT Pat Gamble participated in a Reddit AMA on the website’s NFL draft community. The community exists for enthusiasts to discuss draft news and evaluate college players, and it is doing a series of Ask Me Anything sessions with prospects going through the draft process this year. I’ve compiled a few of the highlights.

The entire AMA can be found here

Note: Some of the usernames below are the names of NFL players. I just wanted to note that these are not those NFL players asking the questions. Just someone who chose that username on Reddit.

After an early 3 game losing streak you guys finished the season 6-1 to have a 9-4 record. What changed for you guys? - /u/Mbrr1214

PG: We just came together as a team and also we just start getting comfortable with our assignments and playing fundamentally sound football.

You played against 5 QBs who are expected to be drafted in the first 4 rounds (Trubisky, Watson, Peterman, Kaaya, and Evans) which one impressed you most? /u/Mbrr1214

PG: Watson definitely

Best OL-men you played against? -/u/xMichaelLetsGo

PG: Cameron Erving

What QB do you most want to sack in the nfl?

PG: Tom Brady

Hardest Player to Tackle?

PG: Sony Michel

You played several positions across the DL at Tech. Which one was your favorite and where do you see yourself at the next level? Have NFL teams talked to you about where they want you to play? -/u/EasyAsRocketScience

PG: My favorite position to play was the 3-Technique Defensive Tackle. I see myself playing 3Tech or 3-4 End in the NFL. Teams like me in both positions.

Has any team asked you about playing 5t at the next level? What weight do you want to be at the start of camp(has a team asked if you could add more for instance)? -/u/Mit-Romney

PG: I have recently gotten up to 295 pounds Id like to be around there at the start of camp

Who is your favorite Georgia Tech NFL Alum? - /u/Champ_Bailey

I would have to say Calvin Johnson because he was such a force in the NFL

Biscuits or Bagels, which do you like more and why? -/u/julio-jones

PG: Lol biscuits because I've never been a fan of bagels