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Technical Tidbits 4/27: Is Dedrick Mills the Next Dalvin Cook?

Georgia Tech News & Links 4/27/2017

Georgia Tech v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Worldwide Leader thinks Dedrick Mills is a candidate to replace Dalvin Cook as the ACC’s leading rusher

Those of us who watched Dedrick play last year as a true freshman certainly know that he has the potential to lead the conference in rushing. His stats from 2016 aren’t what they could’ve been with him missing 3 games due to suspensions.

Dedrick enters 2017 as the clear starter at B-Back for this fall’s version of the Yellow Jackets. With plenty of experience returning around him, the 1000 yard mark seems like it is certainly an attainable goal, provided he stays on the field all season.

Paul Johnson says that PJ Davis deserves a shot at the next level and expects him to at least go as an UDFA.

Despite only being a 2-star recruit coming out of high school, Davis became a mainstay in the Georgia Tech linebacking corps. He led the team in tackles for 2014 and 2015, and probably would’ve also had he stayed healthy all season. He’s a little bit under-sized for the prototypical NFL linebacker, but he’s shown at the collegiate level that he can tackle anyone.

The Falcons also had Davis run through some drills at fullback, which wouldn’t seem too far of a stretch as Davis was a running back in high school.


UGA recruit D’Antne Demery will not be admitted into school and consequently onto the football team after being arrested and charged for battery and criminal trespassing. He allegedly assaulted the mother of his child one night during a domestic dispute. Despite the victim not pressing charges, Coach Smart and his staff revoked his scholarship and would not let him come to campus. Coach Smart’s decision was the correct one, and we here at FTRS are glad Smart acted swiftly and showed zero tolerance for domestic violence.

We don’t bring this up because the school is our rival and lost a recruit. We bring this up because the AJC wing DawgNation ran an emotional article defending Demery and hoping he would get a second chance. The writer published an impulse article lamenting, not for the victim, but for Demery’s future. That is the wrong perspective, and we would encourage you to write / tweet to the AJC and let them know your feelings on the matter until that article is taken down. The AJC generally does good work covering the state’s sports. However, this is not one of those times.

We will not link to the aforementioned article off of FTRS, but you can read Deadspin’s fair and reasonable take down of it here, with quotes from the offending article.