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Technical Tidbits 4/13: Let’s Go To Fat Camp

Who is Seymour Butts?

Wake up campers. It's a glorious morning! Today is evaluation day. The key word here is 'value'. Do you have any? Not yet, but by the end of the summer this camp is going to be full of skinny winners!

Brandon Adams is down 15lb from the end of last season, which he credits to the team’s Fat Man Camp

In addition to an improved diet, Adams says he attended “Fat Man Camp,” which was hosted by Tony Perkins Strength Coach Josh Sisk. The sessions were held twice a week at 6:30am and consisted of running drills.

“Adams said, ‘I didn’t feel as winded as during (last) summer when I first got here. That allowed me to keep going back and keep doing my job, making plays when they came to me.’”

Keeping Adams on the field longer would certainly benefit the Jackets this fall, and his conditioning will be absolutely necessary for that. Having the big man in the middle to take up some offensive linemen and help stuff the run would do wonders for Tech’s front 7 which has consistently struggled for several years. Who knows, maybe a commitment to Fat Camp is what the defense has been missing all along.

About a week ago, SBNation’s Bill C. categorized and ranked every single FBS quarterback

Tech’s quarterbacks certainly fall into the “runner” category of his rankings, but you might be surprised to find that Justin Thomas finished the season ranked at #25 overall, should you make it to the bottom of the article. It’s a long and fascinating read, that you can surely kill some time at work with.

In Other Parts of the Internet

Mike Gundy wishes he hadn’t had the restraint to keep his clothes on during last season’s loss to Central Michigan

I’m not even going to explain that one, you should read it

Also, the Braves are already well on their way to wrecking Cobb County before opening day even hits

You know, just a casual Wednesday, shutting down 2 lanes of I-75 South because a bunch of Braves tomahawks spilled everywhere. Nothing to see here, folks

Is it possible to do a sit-up if you can’t see your hair?