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Technical Tidbits 3/3: Marbury announces end to absurd career in China

From Tech to Beijing, Stephon Marbury has made quite a name for himself across the Pacific.

NBA Finals Game 2: Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The big Georgia Tech story to follow this weekend will unquestionably be the Jackets’ trip up to New York for a tournament-deciding away game with the Syracuse Orange. I touched on this yesterday, but it’s worth repeating once more: this is the biggest game of the season for Georgia Tech, and arguably the biggest game of the past decade or so. A loss would all but prohibit the Jackets from securing an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament, but a win plus some success in the ACC Tournament would put Tech on track for a perfect start to the Josh Pastner era. It won’t be easy, but they’ve done it once this year!

Tech baseball, meanwhile, has a three-game set with Belmont queued up for the weekend. The Jackets still boast just a single loss on the season, coming in the final game against Youngstown State last weekend, and this upcoming series — which kicks off at 4:00 this afternoon — will provide the No. 17 Jackets with a great opportunity to secure some more victories before the ACC schedule starts. We know firsthand how difficult the conference basketball schedule is, but rest assured that the baseball schedule will prove equally challenging. There are some extremely talented teams in the ACC this season, many of which are already on the upcoming schedule.

In some alumni news, former Yellow Jacket Stephon Marbury recently announced that he will be retiring from Chinese basketball after next season — at age 41. That may seem like a no-brainer, at least until you realize how absolutely legendary Marbury is across all of China. The man went from Tech to the NBA and then straight overseas, where he became the pioneer for ex-NBA players to make names for themselves in China. He has a statue, his own stamps, and a play about his life. Plus, he made this happen:

Congratulations to Stephon Marbury on an absurd career in China and for really opening the flood gates for American players. He is to Chinese basketball what Josh Pastner is to us currently: a God among men.