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Technical Tidbits 3/27: Cremins remarks on Pastner’s first year, Jackets advance to WNIT semifinals


Bobby Cremins

In the opinion of former Georgia Tech basketball coach Bobby Cremins, there are plenty of parallels to be drawn between his own hiring and that of Josh Pastner just under a year ago. From the energy that each brought to the program immediately upon being chosen to the questions raised by skeptical fans who saw either a nobody from Appalachian State or a burnout from Memphis coming in to lead an ACC program, it’s clear that Cremins and Pastner have plenty in common. The above article is an excellent look at the complete insight of Bobby Cremins into Pastner’s first season and the general direction of the program for which he won over 350 games.

Though neither the men’s nor the women’s basketball team made the NCAA Tournament this season, both are making exceptional runs in the NIT. We all know about the men’s team’s impressive showings against Indiana, Belmont, and Ole Miss, but Tech’s women have also advanced all the way to the semifinals — the final four — of the WNIT, knocking off four quality opponents with another home game still to come against Washington State on Wednesday. That means that we are just four total wins away from a Georgia Tech sweep of the men’s and women’s NITs this season -- a pretty impressive accomplishment considering the circumstances. The men play next, taking on CSU Bakersfield on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden.

The field for the 2017 NCAA Tournament Final Four is officially set, and the four semifinalists have all punched their tickets: it will be Gonzaga, North Carolina, Oregon, and South Carolina gunning for the championship. UNC has officially accomplished the task of knocking out Kentucky, so they can go ahead and lose now simply because no one on earth likes it when they win basketball games. The other three finalists make much more compelling stories, particularly a seven-seed South Carolina team which was thought by many to have been over-ranked by the selection committee at the start of the big dance. They’ve proved everyone wrong, turning a low seed into a run that includes wins over Marquette, Duke, Baylor, and Florida. If they can beat Gonzaga on Saturday, they will have wins over a 1 seed, a 2 seed, a 3 seed, a 4 seed, and a 10 seed with the possibility of knocking off another 1 or 3 seed still on the table. That's a shocking run, one that almost no one saw coming.

By the way, if South Carolina can win out and take home the championship it will mean that Georgia Tech was the last team to defeat the Gamecocks in the postseason. Just putting that out there.