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Technical Tidbits 3/17: Jackets to host Belmont, Crean out at Indiana

Josh Pastner has officially slain Tom Crean in two ways.

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NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Georgia Tech vs Pittsburgh Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

UGA blew the state’s shot at a Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate rematch in the NIT, falling to the Belmont Bruins in ugly fashion up in Athens instead of surviving to face the Jackets in the tournament’s second round. That means that the Bruins are now Tech’s next opponent, and so the two schools will face off this Sunday at noon in what is now guaranteed to be the final game of the season at McCamish Pavilion — the other two remaining teams in Tech’s quadrant are both higher seeds than the Jackets. Belmont is one of the most successful teams in the Ohio Valley conference year after year and would’ve been awarded an NCAA selection had they won a couple more OVC tournament games after winning the conference’s regular season. They won’t roll over, particularly if they can hit some early shots.

Josh Pastner will once again provide every single student in attendance at the NIT game with a free ticket, promising to spend even more on the program than the $16,500 he doled out for the Indiana game. In fact, Pastner has taken his generosity and excitement one step further this time: all students can now bring a guest for free, and every single person in attendance will get a free Krispy Kreme donut at the gate.

What else is there to say? He sees the value of playing postseason basketball and everyone loves him for it. I continue to be impressed by everything about his Georgia Tech tenure.

It appears that Georgia Tech’s beatdown of Indiana in the first round of the NIT was the straw the broke the camel’s back for the Hoosier program, which fired head coach Tom Crean yesterday afternoon after an 18-16. Crean, who rebuilt Indiana’s program over the past decade, became the scapegoat for its destruction after a few bad seasons. One has to wonder whether he regrets ever leaving Marquette, where is teams made the NCAA Tournament much more consistently than they did during his time at Indiana. He will almost certainly land a new job if he wants one, but where that may be remains to be seen. In the meantime, Crean’s departure could spell good things for Tech’s recruitment of four-star forward Jordan Tucker:

That article is behind a paywall, but the title itself is very encouraging.