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Georgia Tech Recruiting Roundup 12/8

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It’s going to be a big 2 weeks on the flats

Virginia Tech v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

With the early signing period coming up, it’s time to go over the status of Georgia Tech’s 2018 recruiting class. Currently at 17 commits, there are only a handful of spots left currently, though there is always attrition.

Following Recruiting During “Crunch Time”

The time leading up to any signing period is a wild time in the recruiting world. Coaches make last ditch efforts to flip players, and coach firings lead to de-commits galore. The early signing period this year also makes this “crunch time” very close to the end of the HS football season, when player evaluations change and stocks rise and fall.

It can be tough to keep track of it all, but ultimately it boils down to official visits. If there is serious mutual interest between a school and a player late in cycle, an official visit will be scheduled. If there isn’t a scheduled visit, chances are either the school or the player are not interested. So, before going into a panic over every highly rated player that de-commits, ask “have they scheduled a visit with Georgia Tech?” If they haven’t, assume it isn’t happening until a visit is scheduled. This information is publicly available on a player’s Rivals/247 profile.


Rivals recently published an article listing its biggest risers and sliders at various positions. Tech commits Dontae Simth and JaQuez Jackson are both mentioned as Risers. Smith is now the 20th ranked All-purpose-back in the country, and Jackson had his Rivals ranking raised from 5.6(Mid 3*) to 5.7(High 3*) and is the 25th ranked ILB in this class.

In 247’s rankings, DB Jaylon King had his composite rating raised to 0.8957, making him the only Composite 4* in the class. DT TK Chimedza was a Composite 4* when he committed, but had his rating docked soon after. Composite 4* are far more rare than 4* from any individual recruiting service and Georgia Tech rarely gets any of them. If King signs, he’ll be just the 4th(Really 3rd) Composite 4* signed since 2012. Here’s CPJ’s complete list of Composite 4* recruits. Let’s just say we’ve had some bad luck.

  • 2017 - Bruce Jordan-Swilling
  • 2014 - Myles Autry
  • 2013 - Shamire Devine
  • 2012 - Justin Thomas, Francis Kallon
  • 2010 - Lou Young, Anthony Williams, Denzel McCoy
  • 2009 - JC Lanier, Rod Sweeting
  • 2008 - Omoregie Uzzi

The Early Signing Period and You

The first football early signing period is coming up on Dec 20th and.... Nobody knows what’s going to happen. CPJ has always stated that he feels a player should be ready to sign when they commit, but he likely won’t take that hard of a stance if a good portion of the class doesn’t sign. If anyone doesn’t sign, it’ll likely be the higher-rated players. That will be true of every school. They have the most leverage. I personally wouldn’t be surprised of none of the nation’s 5* players sign on the 20th.

So who do we know is going to sign on the 20th with Georgia Tech?

  • AB Dontae Smith, who announced he would sign on Twitter

That’s it we know for sure, but it’s likely that the early enrollees will do so as well. The known Early Enrollees are:

  • DE Julius Welschof
  • LB JaQuez Jackson(Has Early Enrollee in his twitter bio)
  • S Charlie Thomas

There could be more, but these are the ones we know of.

Team Needs

The class is almost full, with 4 spots open now, but more could open up with further attrition. OL and QB are the big needs now. Expect at least one more OL commit and possibly a QB if the right one can be convinced to come on board. Remaining spots will be determined by best player available or attrition.

OT Troy Ingle(WKU commit) and QB James Graham(VT commit) will both be visiting on the 15th, and are the only known targets at this time who are visiting. Luckily they’ll be visiting with some of the class’s best recruiters.


3 Big Weekends to know right now. This weekend(12/8), next weekend(12/15) and the weekend of 1/12. Julius Welschof is the only commit who already officially visited, as he did back in October before committing. All but 2 of the currently scheduled visitors are current Georgia Tech commits.


  • DE Luke Johns
  • DT Austin Smith
  • AB Tijai Whatley
  • DT TK Chimedza
  • WR PJ Harris
  • OT Harrison Jump


  • BB C’Bo Flemister
  • WR Malachi Carter
  • DB Juanyeh Thomas
  • LB/EDGE Justice Dingle
  • LB JaQuez Jackson
  • AB Dontae Smith
  • S Charlie Thomas
  • OT Troy Ingle (WKU commit)
  • QB James Graham (VT commit)


  • DB Jaylon King
  • OL Mike Maye
  • DB Zamari Walton

As for the 1/12 group it’s unknown if waiting until after the early signing period to visit will mean they don’t plan to sign early. Maye just finished the playoffs the week and has an all star game next weekend, so he can’t visit before Dec 20, but I’m not sure about the others. King and Walton could still sign and haven’t planned other visits, so it isn’t time to worry.

I’m not a recruiting insider, but feel free to ask me any questions in the comments!