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Technical Tidbits 12/28: We have a new defensive coordinator?

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Georgia Tech News & Links 12/28

Virginia Tech v Georgia Tech Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The AJC is reporting that Appalachian State DC Nate Woody is headed to The Flats

Following the “leaving” of Ted Roof, speculation has run rampant about who will be replacing the much-maligned DC in Atlanta. While the deal is not signed yet and campus is closed for the holidays, Woody is expected to be announced as the new DC the first week of the new year.

Woody brings a single-gap, attacking 3-4 style to The Flats. You can read a more in-depth preview of his history and scheme here, from our own Ben Tankersley. The attacking, more aggressive defense will certainly compliment the ball control style of offense that the Yellow Jackets run.

I can hear your concerns from here, and no, it will not look like Al’s Groh-fense.

While more staff changes on both sides of the ball are expected, this is the only reported one so far. We’ll certainly keep you updated as we find out more.

But again, the deal isn’t signed, so it isn’t official yet.

Former Ga Tech football player Mike Darby is a “walking miracle”

If you need a tear-jerking, heart warming story for this cold Thursday morning, we would send you to the story of Mike Darby, who played under Bill Curry in the 80s.

“The Darbys and their six children can look back with wonder on Mike’s recovery from an attack of a virus that nearly claimed his life in June and then his rehabilitation from being so debilitated by that assault on his body that life in a paralyzed state seemed possible. They can celebrate his health, but also the wide and deep support that they received from family and friends, some not heard from in years.”

His family was brought in to say goodbye to him 4(!) different times over the course of his illness. Former players and Curry himself visited Darby in the hospital and offered support in varying forms.

It’s a wonderful read and definitely worth your time about a former Yellow Jacket