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Yellow Jacket Roundup: December 18th, 2017

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One game, not a fun game.

It’s always a dark, gloomy day when Tech falls to georgia.

Women’s Basketball

Sunday, December 17th: Georgia Tech (9 - 2) falls to georgia (9 - 1), 60-53.

It’s deja vu all over again here at Yellow Jacket Roundup. The only action this week, yet again, is the women’s basketball team, who lost to the school in Athens Sunday afternoon. Tech was solid from the line but poor from the field and couldn’t capitalize on scoring chances, especially in the second half. A 12-0 run to close the third quarter proved to be the difference, and then some, in the game. Though Tech has looked exceptional so far this season, and won this matchup last year at home, Elo Edeferioka’s double-double couldn’t make up the difference with georgia shooting almost 50 percent.

This Week: Tech looks to rebound with two home matchups against weaker competition later this week.

For men’s basketball coverage: finally, a laugher.

This week on the Flats: the ladies host Charleston Southern and Southern Mississippi, the men head to Athens Tuesday, and then host Wright State on Friday back at home. The swim team is no longer headed to Florida Atlantic for an invitational, and, will instead be taking a “staycation” instead of a training trip.