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Technical Tidbits 12/15: Getting the Spirit Squad Together; Harrison, pro butt-kicker; Everyone has a price

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Congratulations to everyone on surviving finals!

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how about.... that guy! Whether you like it or not, spirit is a pretty important part of a school’s branding and athletic director Todd Stansbury has taken the next step in improving Georgia Tech’s brand by hiring new spirit coordinator Daniel Nester.

Stansbury had to move on to his second choice when the Spirit Squad proved unavailable.

Nester brings a wealth of experience along with him in a relatively short career so far: after sevring as the assistant cheerleading coach at Virginia Tech from 2011-14, he was hired by Bowling Green to be spirit program coordinator, where he helped the cheerleading team win two ACA championships. Let’s all welcome him with spirit fingers!

Buttkicking his way to Disney World. Our boy Harrison Butker has made quite a name for himself in his rookie NFL season, having already seat a Kansas City Chiefs franchise record for most field goals by a rookie. (That’s doubly impressive when you consider he managed to do that in just ten games.) He’s had such a good performance the Chiefs are going all-in on a campaign to get him to this year’s Pro Bowl. RT and help a brother out, won’t ya?

The price is wrong, B. If you’re old enough to remember when Georgia Tech men’s basketball was good, you probably have several fond memories of one Mark Price. It doesn’t seem like he made many such memories at Charlotte, where he was the head coach up until today: Price was fired a third of the way into his third season as coach of the 49ers. There is a potential bright side in all of this, though, ‘cause, uh, Georgia Tech might have an opening for an assistant coach coming available pretty soon.

Bowl season starts tomorrow - have YOU submitted your picks to the Illuminati?