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Technical Tidbits 12/14: Fromayan Moves on From Nascar

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Georgia Tech News & Links 12/14

NCAA Football: Virginia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Former Yellow Jacket OL, Eason Fromayan, is headed to the corporate world

The former offensive tackle left the team with one year of eligibility remaining in order to pursue his dreams of being in a NASCAR pit crew after the 2016 season. After a year on race tracks and jumping over walls to gas and re-tire speeding cars, he decided a life in the literal fast lane wasn’t for him.

After living his childhood dream for a year, the combination of public interest and funding for the sport being on the decline, as well as new rules in pit crew size, made it increasingly difficult for Fromayan to find work.

‘“You don’t want to get three or four years into this and then your career goes away,” said Fromayan, who hasn’t abandoned the idea of being involved in racing in some form or another.’

Fromayan has since found work as a recruiter.

While the ending to his dream job is certainly a disappointment, and we certainly could’ve used him at tackle for the 2017 season, we have nothing but well wishes for him for following his dreams and never having to ask himself, “what if?”

The Army / Navy game highlights the flexbone association

Depsite last weekend being a big weekend for recruting on The Flats, Coach Johnson still found time to watch his former disciples in the battle for the Commander In Chief trophy.

Both head coaches are former coordinators and coaches of Johnson’s, as well as both their staffs featuring numerous other players and coaches from Johnson’s tree. The 3 coaches remain very close, supportive of each other, and have each adopted the offense in their own unique ways.

Playing the same day was former GT running back’s coach, Brian Bohannon, who led his Kennesaw State Owls into the FCS playoffs. Bohannon, likewise, is a member of the flexbone association and credits much of his upbringing to Coach Johnson.

‘“It’s about running a program, it’s not all about scheme. It’s about culture and how you go about your business every day. The scheme helps, don’t get me wrong. But, really, it’s a culture thing,” Bohannon said.’

The entire article is a great read, but this was perhaps my favorite quote from it. It also seems pretty relevant to our interests at The Institute this offseason:

’“Athletic directors want to see the ball in the air, people want to see passing,” the Navy coach said. “I just want to win. I don’t care how you do it, just as long as the ball moves. I always kind of chuckle when I hear, ‘We want to put fans in the seats.’ If you’re losing, you ain’t going to put anybody in the seats.”’