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Revisiting the FTRS Staff’s Football Season Predictions

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Are we homers or did the team just underachieve? (Both.)

Miami v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Because we here at From the Rumble Seat are credible big-J journalists with nothing to hide, now seems like as good a time as any to review our staff-wide season predictions following Tech’s disappointing 5-6 campaign. We’ll do the same with our preseason bold predictions later this week, but for now it’s time to see what we actually believed would happen this year. Proceed with caution (and check out the original picks right here).

The Pessimist Who’s Trying to Figure Out Karma: Andrew Chau

Prediction: a sarcastic 0-13

He went with 15-0 in 2015 and it backfired, but apparently 0-13 with a bowl loss to University of Faith wasn’t a great compromise. Maybe something like 6-6 will be just right for 2018.

The 10-2 Duo: Stephen Murphey and Josh Brundage

Prediction: 10-2 (6-2)

Bonus points to Stephen for calling the losses to Clemson and Miami, but the whole 10-0 against the rest of the schedule deal didn’t work out so well. Neither did Stephen’s key player predictions, wide receivers Adonicas Sanders and/or Steve Dolphus, neither of whom had an impact on the offense in 2017. I appreciate the optimism, but the football gods don’t.

Josh called for an ACC Championship win over FSU and an Orange Bowl win over Michigan, both of which would’ve been awesome. Life comes at you fast, especially for the Seminole and Wolverine teams that finished 6-6 and 8-4 respectively.

The 9-Win Wishers: Conner Knapp, Jake Grant, Robert Pensa

Prediction: 9 wins

We now get into the 8 or 9-win neighborhood that most of us lived in over the summer. Conner called for a win over UGA and 9 wins, which easily could have happened but just... didn’t. Tipped balls are not kind to our predictions.

Jake called Jerry Howard his player to watch for, a smart pick which almost came to fruition except that KirVonte Benson came out of nowhere and turned into a stud at B-Back. Rob called for 9-3 featuring a much-improved defense, which... yeah. Ted Roof is making us all look silly.

The 8-4 Bandwagoners: Cade Lawson, Rane Martin, Tyler Duke, Benjamin Tankersley, MagnaCarterGT

Prediction: 8-4

I predicted losses to Miami, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and one of Tennessee or UGA. Instead, I got losses to every single one of those teams (except for Virginia Tech) plus losses to Duke and UVA. The worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, if you will.

Ben went bold with the 4-0 out-of-conference pick plus losses to Miami, Clemson, and two of Pitt, UNC, UVA, Duke, and Virginia Tech. The latter part gets a check mark from me.

Tyler’s 8-4 pick game with a bonus player to watch for in the form of Jalen Johnson and Rane’s called for a loss to either Tennessee or UCF (correct!).

MagnaCarterGT technically said that anything over 8-4 would be gravy, so we’ll call this 8-4 too. He also called a breakout season from one of our B-Backs, a wish that came true in the form of KirVonte Benson.

The Realists Who Deserve Your Applause: Drew Gordon and Danny Duncanson

Prediction: 7-5

Danny’s 7-5 called for losses to Tennessee, Miami, Clemson, one of Virginia Tech and UGA, and one more bad loss thanks to a new quarterback. That’s a solid day’s work. He also called for increased work by Vic Alexander and Nate Cottrell, both of which happened. The only miss was on Matthew Jordan getting the start at quarterback, something that most figured would be the case. Drew had high expectations for Qua Searcy and Step Durham, both of whom faired relatively well in 2017.

In conclusion...

Where we were smart:

  • predicting the Clemson loss
  • predicting the Miami loss
  • not getting too worked up about the dismissal of Dedrick Mills

Where we sucked:

  • taking easy wins for granted
  • predicting the starting quarterback
  • most everywhere else

Staff Prediction MVP: Danny Duncanson

Congratulations to us on failing miserably at predicting hurricane interference, losses to other bad teams, and ultimately the final record! Tell us how your picks went in the comments.