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Yellow Jacket Roundup: December 11th, 2017

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One game played and one game won for WBB

Snow! Atlanta! YJR is RELEVANT, people!

Women’s Basketball

Sunday, December 10th: Georgia Tech (9 - 1) defeats University of Texas - Arlington (5 - 4), 80-52.

In the only action this week, the ladies basketball team steamrolled their guests yesterday at McCamish Pavilion. Led by Francesca Pan, with 21 points, Tech never trailed against the visiting Lady Mavericks, leading 27-6 after just one quarter. Tech’s Kaylan Pugh and Zaire O’Neil were also in double figures on the day, and Kierra Fletcher had a good day on the glass, reeling in 11 rebounds. The Jackets were never really threatened this week and won comfortably, and can now return to the most glorious Tech tradition of them all, finals, with another satisfying win notched into their belts. It is a refreshing sight indeed to see at least one basketball team winning decisively this month.

This Week: Tech prepares to invade Athens next Sunday.

For men’s basketball coverage: new plan, stop blowing late double-digit leads, perhaps?

This week on the Flats: Florida A&M visits the Flats on Sunday as the men start things back up after the first semester finals break. The women do the same, but at the school out east.