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Technical Tidbits 12/1: Shame, ACC Domination

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The Big Ten takes a Big L

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Indiana
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Because we’re bad, we’re bad, come on, we know. So, uh, it’s safe to say at this point this year’s edition of Georgia Tech football was.... pretty bad, yeah? It was pretty bad.

She’s just been following random people around campus and shouting “SHAME” at them while ringing that bell. It’s kind of weird, honestly.

There’s a whole litany of reasons this season went terribly wrong. Luckily, Ken Sugiura is here to elaborate on a few of them, including.... uh, seemingly everything, as he’s already hit the offense, offensive line, defense, and special teams, and there are still three more to go. Enjoy the reads, or hate-read them, more likely.

The B1Gger they are, the harder they fall. If you haven’t been following this year’s annual ACC-Big Ten challenge, you hopefully at least are aware enough to know Georgia Tech did their part in taking down Northwestern on Tuesday. That still leaves 13 other games in the challenge, but all you really need to know is that the Big Ten got KILT. It’s the biggest margin in the history of the challenge (it was 9, then 11, then 12 total games before rounds of conference expansion). All hail the ACC, kings of college basketball!

Speaking of basketball. The team takes on the Tennessee Volunteers at the McCamish Pavilion Sunday at 6 PM, but before that, they’ll tune up against the Tigers of Grambling State tonight at 7:30. Sunday’s game will air on ESPNU; you can stream tonight’s game on ACC Network Extra.

Basketball season, yeah!