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Post Game Thread: Jackets implode in Charlottesville, lose 40-36 to UVA

Bad things just keep on happening.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The weather was bad, the defense was bad, the offense was bad, special teams was bad, the playcalling was bad, and the outcome was bad. Funny how that works, right?

The Jackets were defeated by a final score of 40-36 on a late touchdown drive by UVA, falling to 4-4 on the season after a fourth devastating loss. Tech took what should have been a winnable game and completed turned it on its ear, crushing the last bit of hope we had for an ACC Coastal crown in the process.

Get ready for the road to bowl eligibility folks! It’s not an easy one anymore.

Stay tuned for more analysis and information from the game. In the mean time, do... something?