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Technical Tidbits 10/6: Bye weeks are the worst

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North Carolina v Georgia Tech

At night I cry and howl at the moon. If you didn’t stay up to watch the only Thursday night football game that matters, first: what is wrong with you? Second, you missed a wild game between NC State and Louisville.

Louisville v North Carolina State
More importantly, you missed this guy losing. Badly. Again.
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson is still good, but unfortunately for Jackson the rest of the team around him is...... decidedly less so. Wolfpack quarterback Ryan Finley and the rest of his offense punished the Cardinal defense all night, and the one true mistake Jackson made came at the worst possible time - a pick six in the waning minutes of the game. Suddenly the Pack are looking like contenders in the ACC. Maybe that playoff prediction wasn’t so crazy after all?

It’s like they say, when you’ve got two kickers, you’ve got.... uh, two kickers. Shawn Davis had a forgettable start to the season in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, but he’s turned things around since then, enough to have secured the starting job....... for now. You all might remember Harrison Butker had a rough start to his career too, so the sky’s the limit for Davis. (I wouldn’t bet much on him breaking the scoring record just yet, though.)

Oh yeah man, for sure, totally. A writer in Miami has opined the SEC should drop the Mississippi schools (sure) for two regional Florida school. Sure, man. Totally happening. Hey, what was UCF’s record two years ago? Anyone help me out here?

(It was really bad.)