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Georgia Tech Football: Advanced Stats Analysis - Week 5

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NCAA Football: North Carolina at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Link to the Week 5 Five Factors Box scores

Link to the Georgia Tech Advanced statistical profile

What I liked

Offensive and Defensive Passing Down Success

This one makes me chuckle. As a quick refresher, Passing downs are:

  • 2nd and 8+
  • 3rd/4th and 5+

Georgia Tech has been absolutely stellar in these situations on both sides of the ball. On defense, these situations were dreaded last season, but now the team is allowing only a 21.6% success rate in these situations. That’s incredible, and it’s the 13th best mark in FBS. The defense can get off the field this year, and it’s amazing

As good as the defense has been in these situations, the offense has been better. Tech has a whopping 47.5% success rate on Passing Downs, good for 3rd in the country. Keep in mind, the FBS average is 30.6%. Not built for 3rd and long anyone?

All this has led to great time of possession stats for Tech. Teams are being forced to play Georgia Tech football, and that’s a great thing.

Defensive Drive Finishing

Drive Finishing is measured in terms of points a team scores per trip inside their opponent’s 40 yard line. While Tech’s defensive season marks are far from stellar, the numbers against UNC were a step in the right direction. The Tar Heels mustered only 2.33 points per trip, well under the national average of 4.41, and a big improvement on Tech’s season mark of 4.93.

Defensive Line Havoc Rate

6.7%. Good for 14th in FBS. I can’t believe I’m typing these words into this article. The front 4 have been disruptive and effective over the past 3 games. They’ll need to keep it up against Miami.

What needs work

Offensive Success Rate and Drive Finishing

Nit picking time! Tech’s success rate was far from poor against the Tar Heels. A success rate of 48% is well above average, and it’s the same success rate Alabama sustained during it’s bludgeoning of Ole Miss. Likewise 4.86 Points per Trip is strong. Both are below Tech’s season averages, however, and the areas that need improvement are clear. With improved perimeter blocking and ball security, the Jackets could put up numbers like the 2014 team.

Defensive Standard Down Line Yards per Carry

With his Line Yards per Carry stat, BillC attempts to distill how many yards the offensive line is earning in the run game per play. Tech opponents are a averaging 3.35 line yards per carry, far too many. Tech’s defense is ranked 119th out of 130 FBS teams in this category, and it shows in run-stopping efficiency. For all the success Tech has had stopping offenses on passing downs, Tech has been below average at preventing efficiency on standard downs. The culprit? A 46.1% opponent rushing success rate, good for a rank of 101st. If the run defense doesn’t improve, teams will catch on quickly.