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50 Days to Tipoff: Moses Wright and Brandon Alston

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These two newcomers are both wings, but are very different players

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Georgia Tech vs Pittsburgh Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Moses Wright

Moses Wright was the fourth and final commit for the 2018 season for Josh Pastner. Moses Wright is from Raleigh, NC and he really made his way onto the recruiting radar very recently. He was only (“only”) 6’4” and 160 pounds as a sophomore, but hit a growth spurt and is now 6’8” 200 pounds. He has a 7’2” wingspan and has plenty of room to put more weight on. He projects to be a stretch four with his huge wing span, but right now he is very raw. Watching his tape his athleticism really jumps out at you, but other than that there is a lot to be concerned with. He looked decent dribbling against what looked like poor competition, but he certainly did not look totally comfortable. They only show him shooting once or twice, and his shot looks like it needs some work to play at the college level. He does have a pretty good basketball IQ and his work ethic is supposed to be very good. Expect Wright to redshirt this year and he should be ready to play in the ACC in the future.

Brandon Alston

Brandon is joining the team this year as a grad transfer after spending his first 3 years at Lehigh in Pennsylvania. He has two seasons of eligibility left. Hearing this, many fans might be tempted to compare him to Jodan Price and Kellen McCormick, the grad transfers last season who both failed to crack the lineup. I think that’s an unfair comparison. First, Alston was in higher demand than either Price or McCormick. Alston was offered by South Carolina and had interest from Gonzaga, LSU, and Oklahoma. Last year’s grad transfers had little to no major conference interest. The other reason is how thin this year’s team is at wing. As a 6’5” guard he is only really competing with incoming freshman Brendan Haywood for a spot behind Josh Okogie and Tadric Jackson. That is assuming that Okogie doesn’t spend time at the 4. He should definitely get play time this season.

Brandon Alston played a good amount his freshman season before sitting out his entire second year with a knee injury. Last year, he spent most of the season coming off the bench, but he did start the final ten games of the year. He seemed to get off to a slow start before finding his rhythm later in the season. This may have been due to him missing an entire season due to injury, it may have just taken him some time to get back. He averaged 6.7 points per game in about 20 minutes per game. He shot 35% from deep which could be very useful for a team that has struggled shooting. Alston isn’t an explosive scorer, but he is certainly capable and I think he will handle the transition to a role player here very well. He is competent defensively and should fit in on this team very well. Expect him to play a significant role on this year’s team, probably somewhere between 15-20 minutes a game.