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Duff’d It! Rankings and Other Accolades: Kickstarter Edition!



I cannot tell you how much I love living in the internet age. Music is easier to obtain than ever. There are twenty different ways you can send an instant message to a friend halfway across the world. I’ve pinpointed all fifty breweries I’m visiting in Maine next spring on Google Maps. And crowdfunding! So many new, creative ideas have been brought life thanks to soliciting funds from strangers on the internet. And now crowdfunding has reached the realm of college football. Many college football coaches have very expensive buyouts, so innovators at LSU and Tennessee are counting on normal folks like you and me to chip in and pay them off so they can pay them off and hire Tom Herman and Jon Gruden, the coaches they’ve really always wanted. These are only a couple days old, but already I can tell crowdfunding will be the best thing to ever happen to college football.

Duff’d It! Rankings, Week 5

5. UTEP. For all those aforementioned Tennessee fans who were hoping to win this season’s First to Fired race..... sorry y’all, the Miners just locked that one up. And the (interim) replacement used to coach at Bama.... kind of, so they even stole your idea! Now you’ll have to hire Lane Kiffin back.

4. Ole Miss. The 2017 Bama Hatred Tour is rolling on, and the Rebels were just a bump in the road for Saban and Company. (Every year is a new Hatred Tour for Saban, and 90% of his opponents end up as roadkill.) The predictions for the next stops are..... nothing good. Nothing good at all.

3. USC. Absolutely nothing in Pullman was safe following Wazzu’s upset win in Pullman over the Trojans Friday night, especially not your couches. West Virginia’s influence has moved west of West Virginia, all the way to the west coast. Mountaineer manifest destiny has been realized!

2. LSU. Here in the SEC, losing on homecoming just means more. It means losing to a Sun Belt team you paid nearly a million dollars to come play you, and then getting shaded by that team on Twitter. It just means....... more.

1. Tennessee. The Vols lost to Georgia 41-0. It was the worst loss they’ve had in over a century. Their fans brawled in the stands. They had a buttfumble (more on that later). But they’re still champions of life!

Retroactive Duff’d It! Special: Georgia Tech. Waaaaaaaay back in week 1, some were wondering why the Yellow Jackets did not make the first set of rankings. The rationale there was the personal wound was still fresh, but also because it was an excited game, decided by a poorly executed (but not poorly called) play in double overtime, and Tennessee was going to end up being a good team, right? Okay, the formatting of these rankings kind of spoils that, but you all get the idea. At the time, I thought losing to the Vols in 2OT wasn’t a bad loss. Now we know that, oh yes, it was. It really really was.

SEC Conference Plays of the Week

This fall, 20th Century Fox brings you BUTTFUMBLE II: THE RE-BUTTFUMBLING.

That’s a flop Ric Flair himself would be proud of, Bradley Chubb.

Lee Corso is 82 years old and you better show him some respect, because he’s still ready, willing, and able to break some ankles.

Employee of the Month of the Week

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Stanford Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

Anyone remember Christian McCaffrey? We don’t! Dude sounds like a bum. We’re all about Bryce Love now. Replaced all the posters on our bedroom walls and everything. The foundation of our shrine is the box score from the Cardinal’s game vs. Arizona State: 25 rushes for 301 yards and three touchdowns agains the Sun Devils. That’s a school record, and oh yeah, that puts Love at over 1,000 yards on the season after five games. Dude’s going to push McCaffrey all the way out of the history books..... whoever he is.