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Around the ACC: Week 9

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They Can’t Keep Getting Away With It, Or Can They?

NCAA Football: Duke at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

#8 Miami 24 (7-0, 5-0), UNC 19 (1-8, 0-6)

One might have expected the only undefeated team left in the ACC to easily take down the injury blasted Tar Heel team that has been crushed in conference all year. Then you don’t know Miami. The Hurricanes left the four quarterback UNC team in all game and some would even say they needed the refs to save them. Miami is good enough to dominate this UNC team, but yet they needed a late fumble by the Heels to put it away. Remind you of anybody? Cough2014FSUCough. Miami hosts the Hokies next weekend in a game that could very well determine the winner of the Coastal. UNC gets a much needed bye week.

Wake Forest 42 (5-3, 2-3), Louisville 32 (5-4, 2-4)

Louisville was returning the Heisman winner and much of their offense, so many assumed they’d be near the top of the ACC. They also beat once top ranked FSU. Instead they have fallen apart at the hands of the middle of the ACC. NC State took them down easily at home, then a resurgent BC did the same. Now Wake Forest has continued their upstart season by taking down the Cardinals at home. The Demon Deacons got up early and never let up on Louisville. Wake Forest has lost some tough games to Clemson, FSU, and GT, but they still look like a good team. Wake Forest heads to South Bend next week end to play a top-10 Notre Dame team. Louisville is going to try to regroup on the bye.

Boston College 35 (5-4, 3-3), Florida State 3 (2-5, 2-4)

Wow. Just wow. BC came out of nowhere absolutely dominating on offense and slinging the ball. They went from a team that could have easily given up, to a team that is dominating solid ACC competition. Their offense has gone from a joke to something to fear. On the other side.....yikes. Yes FSU has a bunch of injuries but still. They were ranked top-5 and now they almost certainly won’t make a bowl (unless they get in at 5-6). Florida State will try to keep postseason hopes alive against Syracuse at home next weekend. BC is also on bye.

Pittsburgh 31 (4-5, 2-3), Virginia 14 (5-3, 2-2)

So it turns out that Virginia probably isn’t that good. They started 5-1, but have fallen in back to back weeks to BC and Pitt and now look like they might miss a bowl altogether. Pitt dominated this game. They were up 21-0 in the second quarter and coasted to the easy win. Quadree Henderson got another punt return for a touchdown so it’s not just us. He’s just really good. Next week Virginia hosts your Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in a game that’s important for both team’s bowl hopes. Pitt is also on bye.

#9 Notre Dame 35 (7-1), #14 NC State 14 (6-2)

It looked good early for NC State. They blocked a punt and landed on it in the end zone to go up 7-0 early. But then they couldn’t stop the Notre Dame rush game. Josh Adams had 202 yards on 27 rushes and Deon McIntosh had 63 yards on 11 runs. On the other end, Notre Dame’s strong defense shut the Wolfpack offense down allowing them to only score 7 points. NC State has a huge game against Clemson next week that could be for the Atlantic crown.

#13 Virginia Tech 24 (7-1, 3-1), Duke 3 (4-5, 1-5)

Duke has absolutely fallen apart in ACC play and is now in danger of missing a bowl game after a strong start to the season. This was another rain game and Duke’s offense could get nothing going against the strong Hokies defense. VT wasn’t exactly an offensive powerhouse, but they did enough to get the job done and survive another week. Josh Jackson did decently through the air given the conditions. The Hokies host Miami in a huge matchup next week. Duke has the week off.

#7 Clemson 24 (7-1, 5-1), Georgia Tech 10 (4-3, 3-2)

Clemson was coming off of a loss and a bye week at home at night in the rain. You knew it was gonna happen. The Tigers defense stifled the Tech offense and Kelly Bryant didn’t seem to struggle at all with either injury or rain. Clemson heads to Raleigh next week to play for the Atlantic title against NC State. The Jackets head to Charlottesville to take on the struggling Virginia Cavaliers.