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Technical Tidbits 10/27: Basketball media days for days; it’s Clemson Time

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Have you prepared yourselves?

NCAA Basketball: ACC Media Day
Ben Lammers looks away from the camera because locking eyes would be..... dangerous.
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Up in the sky, look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s.... the Lamminator! ACC basketball media days are in full swing, and with those come the preseason predictions and projections from the media that will surely hold up through the end of the season. Right?

Come on, when have media predictions ever been wrong?

Our boy Ben Slammers is on the preseason preseason all-ACC team, with sophomore Josh Okogie right behind him on the second team. Tech is picked to finish 9th in the ACC, which doesn’t sound great, but given that the last time it finished that high the ACC still had only 12 members.... I’ll take it.

Do we have to talk about Clemson? Georgia Tech is playing them in football tomorrow, so yes, we have to talk about the defending national champions. Some of them are, uh, apparently a bit worried about the challenges Ted Roof’s defense potentially poses for them, and I just think, you know, with your defense, you’re probably gonna be fine, Tigers?

There is no silent “Y”. If you, like me, have looked at quarterback TaQuon Marshall’s name and thought, “well, obviously, it’s pronounced ‘TAY-kwon’”, I have some bad news for us: it is not. So all those times you heard Anish Shroff say his name Saturday and got annoyed at him for getting it wrong? Yeah, he was right, and you owe him an apology.

Hello yes I did purchase tickets I will see you all if I get back from Clemson