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Technical Tidbits 10/26: Shamire Devine living up to his potential

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Georgia Tech News & Links 10/26

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech
There are no good photos of Shamire in the editor :(
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After being considered a spot player before the season, Shamire Devine has lived up to his potential and solidified his starting role

After a stellar opener against Tennessee and earning ACC OL of the week last week, it seems Devine is living up the potential the highly-rated recruit brought to the flats. Through his 4 years now on campus, the 6-7, 380lb left guard has struggled with his weight and conditioning, being unable to play for extended snaps. With the Jackets only playing 5 linemen on offense against Wake last week due to injuries, his conditioning and ability to remain on the field have been crucial.

“I think he’ll have an opportunity to play in the NFL if he wants to,” Johnson said. “He’s got all the parameters they’re looking for, and he’s got good feet. I think he’ll have the opportunity. It’ll be up to him about what he does with it.”

Dabo Swinney not taking the Yellow Jackets lightly

After a loss to Syracuse and then a bye week to think about the loss, the No. 7 Tigers are looking to avoid losing back-to-back games for the first time since 2011.

Said Swinney, “This is a 4-2 team, but truly, literally two plays away from being undefeated. Paul [Johnson] has done an awesome job getting them in a position to win. We’re in for a big fight.”

Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler will be calling the game at 8pm on ABC or ESPN2, depending on your region.

Tech players fired up for a primetime game against a Top 10 opponent

A-Back J.J. Green is excited to play in the hostile atmosphere of Death Valley and says the team has been laser focused in practice this week.

‘“I feel like (coach Paul Johnson) is going to have a great game plan for this week, and (Tuesday) was a great day of practice, not even going to lie to you. Guys, they were tuned in, sharp, so (Wednesday) should be even a better day. I’m excited to play them. I know my team’s excited to play them. You don’t get too many games like this.”’

Clemson has won the last 2 games, with their defense almost entirely shutting down the vaunted Georgia Tech flexbone.

Unfortunately, their defense is still scary this season.


In what is easily the city of Atlanta’s best shot at a professional sports championship, Atlanta United, the expansion soccer team in this bad sports town, will host their first ever playoff game at Mercedes Benz Dome tonight. If you have not attended a game, we cannot encourage you enough to change that. Find a ticket, wear the 5 stripes, and go viking-clap the team to victory. United will also probably break their own MLS attendance record for the 3rd time this evening.