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Technical Tidbits 10/20: ATL SmackDown, we need more kickers

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NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami
Pictured: Paul Johnson’s reaction after being asked about the defense for the 5000th time
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Get the lowdown on the throwdown, it’s gonna go down in the ATL Showdown. It’s been almost a decade, but Tech will face off against crosstown rival Georgia State in a match on the hardwood next Saturday to raise money for hurricane relief.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia State at Texas
They’re from the ATL, and they’re going to give us hell. But.... we’re also from the ATL? We’ve already got enough hell to go around, y’all.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Keep in mind this game is an exhibition, so it doesn’t actually count for anything, it won’t be on TV, and it won’t be livestreamed. The only way you can see this game is to buy a ticket and go. If you’re thinking this will be an easy jaunt against Ron Hunter & co., lest you forget his Panthers have an NCAA appearance and win much more recently than Tech does, so just keep that in mind.

He is the one true Kic-king. If you were confused over why Brenton King suddenly took over kicking duties Saturday vs. Miami, well, I have some bad news to report: Shawn Davis tore his ACL while attempting to make a tackle in the third quarter. You could point to a lot of factors that led to this, including poor return coverage and Davis watching too much footage of Scott Blair, but I’m just going to blame the terrible field conditions at Hard Rock Stadium, because that one makes me feel better. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery and King does well in his absence.

Is there something special happening for tomorrow’s football game or something?