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Georgia Tech Football - Opponent Q&A: Wake Forest

A Q&A with Blogger So Dear

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

For this week’s Q&A, we chatted with Cameron Debro of Wake Forest’s SBNation Blog, Blogger So Dear. The Demon Deacons enter Saturday’s contest at 4-2 on the season and as a bigger threat than we’re used to seeing out of Winston-Salem.

1. I'll go ahead and admit to not having seen a Wake game this season, but the program very much seems to be on the upswing. Losses to FSU and Clemson seem totally reasonable and you guys have generally beat the snot out of the lesser teams. What's made the biggest difference this season?

Chuck Wade has to be it for me. The defense has been solid for the last two years which has kept us in, if not won the team games. The offense has been where we have been lacking and the breakout of Wade this year has been tremendous for this team.

2. What kind of offense have the Deacs been running? It seems unusual for teams outside of the flexbone association to have a QB as the leading rusher... is that a good sign or a bad sign for the offense?

QB runs are an integral part of this offense (and the bane of my existence) Wolford has some wheels on him, but I would be a liar if I wasn't peeved at some of the playcalls over the past few games.

3. What matchup against GT gives you the most concern heading into Saturday?

I was gonna say the defense, but then Miami just put up 500 yards at a 6.5 yards per play clip. I've got to say the uncertainty of the offense. I've grown up a Tech fan(from Atlanta so Bobby Dodd will always have a place in my heart) when GT switched to the triple option under CPJ no one knew, and at times people still don't know what to expect. If Wake doesn't come out disciplined to start, this could be a long day

4. Who are some players on the defensive side of the ball we should be looking for? Who's number will be called the most in order to stop our offense?

I'd be burned at the stake if I didn't say Duke Ejiofor. The kid is a stud. Tech doesn't pass that much so there wont be too much pressure on the Db's, so if anyone is gonna be disrupting the flow of the offense it'll be him. It also doesn't hurt that Wake is top 10 in Tackles for Loss on the season and barely behind Clemson and Duke even with the bye week.

5. We know well of the UNC / Duke rivalry, but who how do the tobacco road teams rank in terms of Wake rivals? Who do you hang your hat on beating the most?

Differs in my eyes, but for me it has GOT to be Duke. Nothing satisfies me more than a Duke loss in anything, especially if it's at our hands

6. And finally, how do you see this game going? What's the final score?

I see this being an absolute brawl. I don't think GT gets that much pressure on Wolford, and with GT being the worst in the country at pass protection, it might be a long day for Marshall. Factoring in Bobby Dodd and a very mad Yellow Jackets team I'm going Wake 28-24.

Thanks again to Cameron for taking the time to chat with us. We’ll see you Saturday at Bobby Dodd for homecoming. Go Jackets!