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Yellow Jacket Roundup: October 2nd, 2017

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Presents The Curious Case of the Mysterious Softball Games, Pt. II

Pittsburgh v Georgia Tech
And we’re back to having no non-rev pictures! Instead, a word of advice: don’t be like Pitt!
Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Cross Country

Friday, September 29th - Paul Short Invitational: The Tech men placed 10th and the women 11th at the Paul Short Invitational in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The average time on the men’s side was a 24:31 across the seven scoring Tech finishers, which doesn’t include Avery Bartlett’s entry in the open division, where he placed third. Meanwhile, the women’s solid finish time-wise was an encouraging step forward in the crowded, 40-team field.

Saturday, September 30th - JSU Foothills Invitational: In the smaller event of the weekend, the men’s and women’s teams took 4th and 5th, respectively. The split squad, consisting mainly of freshmen, garnered several individual top-five finishes as well as a solid set of times for this stage of the season. Like the Paul Short Invitational, encouraging signs from the younger part of the team.

This week: Cross country is off this week.

Men’s Tennis

The men’s tennis team opened the ITA All-American Championships, with two Jackets advancing to the Round of 64, with two of the three others dispatched in the Round of 128. On Sunday, only Elijah Melendez survived to play on into the week. Chris Eubanks, a name most would probably recognize, is not playing this week in Oklahoma City.

This week: Elijah Melendez and the Jackets remain in OKC for the rest of the ITA All-American Championships.


Sunday, October 1st: If two games are played and your friendly neighborhood Yellow Jacket Alley writer is not able to be in two places at once to see them, did they really happen? The world may never know, because, again, there were no scores posted. Hopefully they won, but I can say they probably played two games that were at least seven innings long. Some good plays were made, some were not, and everybody learned a little bit because it’s still fall exhibition season. They’re figuring out what to work on over the winter and look forward to the challenges the spring will bring. This, of course, is all presumption. But, today was as beautiful of a day as ever to watch some softball at Mewborn Field, which I highly recommend as a cost-effective way to see some Tech sports on a typical Sunday afternoon. I hear there are doubleheaders some weekends.

This week: Softball hosts another Sunday doubleheader, hosting Lee.

Swimming & Diving

The Gold team defeats the White squad in intrasquad racing, which basically means they line everyone up, split them in half, and then pretend they’re racing another team. It’s the swimming equivalent of the football spring game. After breaking several preseason team records, the team looks ahead to the opening meet of the ACC season against Pittsburgh on Friday.

This week: Pittsburgh visits the McAuley Aquatics Center.

Women’s Volleyball

Friday, September 29th:

North Carolina State (8 - 6) spikes Georgia Tech (6 - 8) 25-23, 25-23, 18-25, 25-20 (3 - 1)

Sunday, October 1st:

Georgia Tech (7 - 8) dispatches North Carolina (5 - 7) 25-18, 21-25, 25-23, 25-22 (3 - 1)

Down two sets to none on Friday night, I had every assurance Tech could climb out of the hole it had dug against the Wolfpack. Losing the pair by the minimum four points, the Jackets played NC State close, just missing on a pair of points in each set, the most heartbreaking way to lose set set. The match, however, was not over. The Jackets mounted their best effort to fight back, but, though they won the next set, it was not enough to force the tiebreaker or seal a victory. In what proved to be a very satisfying weekend of Tar Heels visiting the Flats, however, they returned the favor to the guests from Chapel Hill on Sunday. This match, almost an inverse of the NC State one, played out much better for the hosts and they finished their weekend home stand with a victory. As seems to be the theme of this season, this team has good flashes, but needs to find more consistency.

This week: Tech takes a jaunt up to the northerly reaches of the conference to Syracuse and Boston College this fall break weekend.

For this week’s football coverage:

Georgia Tech smoked North Carolina 33-7 Saturday at Bobby Dodd.

This week on the Flats: Swimming hosts Pittsburgh in a pink-out meet, raising awareness for breast cancer, I presume. Softball has another doubleheader, hosting Lee. Volleyball heads on the road to Syracuse and Boston College, while men’s tennis stays in beautiful, breezy Oklahoma City for the rest of the week.