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Georgia Tech Football: Advanced Stats Analysis: Week 7

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Let’s get this over with

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Pretty short recap this week. There wasn’t a whole lot to like on the stat sheet, and there were a few important things to hate.

What I Liked

Nothing. Everything still hurts.

What I Didn’t Like

Offensive Success Rate

A 40% success rate just doesn’t cut it. Not with the expectations placed on this offense. This actually isn’t the worst single game mark of the season, that was Jax State, but this wasn’t much better. Interestingly enough, in Tech’s other one point loss of the season, the success rate was almost 60%. The defense cratered. Putting together a quality 3-phase performance has eluded the Jackets in big games this year.

Defensive Yards Per Play

This was the real killer for the defense. Tech held Miami to about an average success rate of 41%, but allow 6.5 yards per play and success rate doesn’t quite mean as much. Explosion starts to come into play.

Defensive Second Down

Tech is 88th in the country in defensive S&P+ on second down. Considering the defense is 8th in the country on 3rd down, poor performance on 2nd down has been critical. For example, as CPJ said on the radio show, on the final drive of the game Miami had 15 plays. They were 0 for 1 on 3rd down.

Offensive Sack Rate

Georgia Tech is dead last in the country at pass protection on standard downs. A lot of that ranking can be attributed to the awful job the Jackets did at pass protection for much of this game. 17.6%? Really? Almost 1/5 of your standard down pass plays result in sacks? Awful. There are some draw plays and bootleg sweeps that get registered as sacks if tackled for loss, so this stat may be inflated, but that just means the offense’s stuffed run rate is better than it should be.

Passing downs aren’t much better. The 10.7% sack rate is good for a ranking of 104th in FBS. It has to improve.