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Technical Tidbits 10/16: Recovering From Miami

The team lost a heart breaker in Miami and the running game stalled in the second half

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tech Falls 25-24 On Last Second Field Goal

Since you’re reading this, I assume you already know what happened. This team nearly notched a huge road win, but was unable to hold on. The Hurricanes hit a last second field goal after a final drive featuring numerous screens and a fluky bounce on a fourth down pass.

Georgia Tech’s Rushing Offense Fell Apart

After three drives Georgia Tech’s offense was humming, largely because of their success on the perimeter. For the rest of the game they were held in check by the Miami defense. Paul Johnson thought there were some issues on perimeter blocking. This article didn’t mention it, but the pouring rain that popped up in the second half seemed to dissuade CPJ from calling any plays to the perimeter to avoid the wet pitches.

Lamont Simmons Experiences The Highs And Lows Of Football

Coming out of halftime, Miami decided to go with a surprise onside kick. The Hurricanes watched on as the ball stopped just short of the 10 yard mark. Simmons made a huge heads up play and grabbed it and had a clear field for a 43-yard touchdown. It was probably the most exciting moment in the game for GT. Later, Lamont Simmons was in coverage against Darrell Langham on a fourth and 10 that could have sealed the game for GT. The throw came his way and he got a hand on the ball, but it took a perfect Miami bounce of off Langham’s helmet and right back into his hands. So goes football.