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Post Game Thread: Georgia Tech Can’t Hold On Against Miami 25-24

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Last second field goal downs Yellow Jackets

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech started up 14-3. They were gifted 7 points on a busted onside kick. The led almost the entire game. But, on a desperate fourth down Miami made a decent play and got a very lucky bounce to bring them close enough for a game winning field goal. The second half defense had for the most part held Miami as the offense couldn’t get much going. With a little help from a flag, Tech looked like they had the Hurricanes done with under a minute left and Miami facing a 4th and 10. They threw a go route and Lamont Simmons was able to knock it up in the air, but the ball fell straight into the hands of the Hurricane receiver. Miami was able to finish running the clock down and kick a short field goal. Tech’s desperation kickoff return full of laterals failed to end the game.